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All “legacy” articles are remnants of historical documents previously published on the old Popbumper.com site. Due to several server crashes from my old popbumper.com host and a serious lack of backup files, some of these are missing parts and/or incomplete. All content is free, and Copyright protected by Rob Craig & Popbumper.com.

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I’m New, I want a Pinball Machine, & I Have No Idea Where to Start! 12/03

Pinball Expo 2004 Report 12/04

Pinball Expo 2003 Report 10/03

A Q&A with the Visual Pinball and PinMAME Groups 4/03

The Gottlieb LLC Story  1/03

Pin Addiction - How Did It Get This Bad?  7/03



Pinball Pro Speakers  5/05 (lost due to server crash)

PI1-X4 A True All In One Wonder  9/04

            (Multiboard replacement for Gottlieb System 1 machines)

PinLED - Displays with No High Voltage   12/03

Head 2 Head - Gottlieb System 1 CPU Reproductions   7/03

The Bally CPU Reproductions   12/02