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The Ultimate Index was born around 2000. That’s when I started archiving all kinds of pinball media to share with everyone on the web. It started with around 100 dedicated pages, and through the relationships I had managed to gain among pinball people, I eventually had some hard-to-find ROM images and manuals. My host was gracious and gave me unlimited storage and bandwidth. It was a wonderful but management intensive endeavor.

There was a time when the site hosted Gottlieb manuals and ROM images ..... That is until I received a cease and desist order. So that died away while so many supported my short campaign to free the information. Sometime around 2004, my host was compromised and data was lost. It took a long time to rebuild the site, and it expanded again to almost 300 titles. I realized then that just one guy couldn’t handle the job of maintaining and adding new content. Still, I tried - along with writing articles and reviews. The Ultimate Index remained largely static until February 2008 when a final disconnect from the host put the hammer to the coffin’s nails. The Popbumper.com Ultimate Index had served it’s last customer on that day. The work involved in restoring it would be crazy while my direction in contributing to the pinball community has changed to other avenues. Some of the last biggest customers were MySpace visitors to pages who were leeching graphics from the Index. But the Ultimate Index served its purpose for several years while the Internet Pinball Database was growing. It was different in many ways. IPDB.org is a Goliath with a list of machines that is staggering. They are great people and will serve your needs well..

Rob Craig - April 2008

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