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Tales of the Silverball archives were updated on October 11th, 2010. There are now 49 Tales of the Silverball Articles available in PDF for you to read. They span just over 4 years (Nov. 2004 being the odd exception). 10 issues had the TOTS article earning the cover, 5 of them featured Rob Craig’s photography.



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Coming soon will be a major makeover of the popbumper.com site. It will be less of a DVD store and more of a portfolio site for media that I’ve created (music, articles, video shorts, etc). Don’t worry, all the goods you want will still be here, including a link to online DVD sales.

In 2008, the third installment of the Life After Death series was released. It’s now 2010 and the itch to shoot another one along with the kind urging of viewers has me ready to give it another go. This time, video will be shot in HD and the learning curve to penetrate Blu-Ray will be accomplished, even if the 1st release is only on traditional DVD. There is no official release date but I will update this space with new information. Please continue to send me your suggestions!


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